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March & April Outreach Ministry Focus


Raise the Roof Academy


A little more about Raise the Roof...


Raise the Roof Academy advocates for children and community development one household at a time.


We develop high-quality education centers, provide community health programs, create income generating opportunities, and grow alongside local leaders. This multi-faceted, participatory approach builds local capacities and long-term relationships to create lasting, community-wide advancement, rather than a transactional supply of assistance. Our vision is to see generations of empowered children lead community change and share their passions with the world.


The foundation of Raise the Roof Academy is built on a partnership with the community of Bwasandeku, which has expanded to include more than 80 villages. We work in each community to expand access to education, health and hygiene resources, income generation, and community leadership.

We work in rural communities with high incidences of poverty and child labor. At Raise the Roof Academy, we believe that creating lasting change is not a one-person job; entire communities need to come together as one, to make a difference.


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Christ UMC Outreach Ministries


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Nicaragua Project

Nicaragua Project is a community to community outreach program of Christ UMC that seeks long term relationships in Nicaragua. The Project supports "Centro Alternativo Projecto 19 de Julio" ,a local school in Managua, Nicaragua.


Raise The Roof

RTR develops high-quality education centers, provide community health programs, create income generating opportunities, and grow alongside local leaders in three districts of central Uganda.


Miriam's Promise

Miriam's Promise stands in the gap, building bridges through crisis preganancy counseling and child placement services.

Project Transformation

Project Transformation's mission is to transform local communities by engaging children, college age young adults, and churches in purposeful relationships with leadership development and after-school and summer camp programming.


Center of Living and Learning

The center for Living and Learning is a private non-profit residential supportive living facility for housing adults who have experiences with severe and persistent mental illnesses.


One Generation Away

One Generation Away distributes healthy foods to families throughout Middle Tennessee that currently do not have access to food sources due to economic and physical barriers.



GraceWorks was established 26 years ago by a group of concerned Williamson County citizens and faith leaders who sought a comprehensive, collaborative solution to the complex issue of poverty.


Williamson County Homeless Alliance

The mission of the Williamson County Homeless Alliance is to develop and maintain a permanent transitional sanctuary that meets the needs of people experiencing homelessness in Franklin/Williamson County Tennessee by partnering with local government, non-profits, businesses, individuals, and churches.