Christ UMC Leadership 2021

2021 Adminstrative Council Meetings

January 30, 2021   9:30am - 11:00 am (Leadership Retreat)

We had over 55 people meet virtually via Zoom for our leadership retreat this year. During the meeting Trustees and Finance gave updates that included information on the church's COVID policies and church financial health coming out of 2020. In addition, Rev. Adam Kelchner provided the group an update on programming over the past year.

Meeting Minutes

Informational Slides

April 20, 2021        7:00pm (Virtual Meeting on Zoom)

Our second meeting of the year was held on Zoom. We had presentations from all major committees including SPRC, Finance, Trustees, andOutreach. In addition, the council approved revisions to the church' general endowment charter during the meeting.

Meeting Minutes

Informational Slides

August 24, 2021     7:00pm (Virtual Meeting on Zoom)

The third meeting of the year was again held on Zoom. We had updates from major committees with a specific recommendation from the Finance committee to gain permission to retire the church debt by end of this year. In addition, Rev . Adam Kelchner presented congregational priorities for 2022.

Meeting Minutes

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Year End Meeting TBD

Adminstrative Council

Chair: Anne Weinberg

Vice-Chair: Jay Carnes

Secretary: Matt Cox

Church Treasurer: Bryan Richardson

Financial Secretary: Michael Deweese

Youth Representatives: Adam & Molly King

Children's Ministry: Amanda Morgan

Chairs of SPRC, Finance, Trustees, & Outreach

Admin Council At Large: Gwen Harding, Barbara Higgins,

   Tom Hank, Cindy Watson, & Patrick Allen

Admin Council Staff Rep: Adam Kelchner, Mark Price, Paul     

   Bonner,  Aimee Cox

Lay Leaders: Steve & Karen Middlebrooks

Lay Delegates to Annual Conference:Kent McNish

   Susan Smith, Elizabeth Wanczak, Aimee Cox

Staff Parish Relations

Chair: Marci White

2021 Class: Jimmy Byrd, Mary Anne Beshears, Lloyd Soeters

2022 Class: Stephen Graham, Marci White, Rebecca Fiechtl

2023 Class: Gary Minor, Karen Richardson, Sterling Thomas

Lay Leadership Development

2021 Class: Mary Ann Szabo, Elizabeth Oliphant

2022 Class: Alan Cross, Katie Lizarraga

2023 Class: Gilbert Lovell, Katie Higgins


Chair: John Szabo

2021 Class: Elecia Beard, John Szabo

2022 Class: Randy Minor, Heather Cavitt

2023 Class: Tim Stillings, Andy Oliphant


Chair: Cal Cobb

2021 Class: Gary Hearn, Cal Cobb, Mike Higgins

2022 Class: Damien Corlew, Andrea Watkins, Temple Stevenson

2023 Class: Lee Ann Stiles, Jeff Ready


Chair: Bethany Graham

2021 Class: Susan Minor, Susan Smith, Shanelle Rauh

2022 Class: Bethany Graham, Julie Ready

2023 Class: Philip Chieng, Laura Robertson

Endowment & Memorials

Chair: Leonard McGugin

2021 Class: Jennifer Krahenbill, Leonard McGugin

2022 Class: Harry Boyko, Ouida Greer

2023 Class: Jim Durham