Adult Ministries

Financial Life-Skills Class, Feb 16 - Apr 5

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If you're an adult -- no matter what age -- we've got ways for you to plug in, activities for you to try, and classes for you to take. And that's just the start.

Adult Sunday School

We offer a range of classes on Sunday mornings during our Sunday School Hour. Set at 9:45am (between our 8:30am early service and 11:00am late service), adult Sunday School gives you a chance to enrich your spiritual journey and learn in fellowship with others.

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Adult Bible Study

During the week there are multiple Bible-study groups that meet. Some are men's groups, some women's groups, some mixed. Some groups are church-based, while others meet in people's homes, or at an offsite location. Getting connected with others who want to study the Bible and put to practice its teachings is a great way to enrich your Christ UMC experience and your life.

Social Outings and Outlets

There are always adult activities coming around at Christ UMC. Some organized by the church, and others put together by people who wanted to create small groups or purposeful social outlets. Some of our options include a book club, a knitting group, a painting class, a ladies' night out, a morning men's group, a senior-adult group (the JOY Club), our Wednesday Night Together fellowship, retreats, and special enrichment programs. There's always something going on or coming up for adults to jump into at Christ UMC.


Of course one way adults get together in ministry is to support and get involved with the multitude of Outreach opportunities with which Christ UMC is involved. To learn a bit about our Outreach, visit the Christ UMC Outreach Page.

To learn more about our Adult Ministry and Progamming, please contact our Pastor of Congregational Life, Rev. Mark Price.